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New to Tennis? Stylish Tennis Outfits for Women That Will Set You Apart From The Competition (with ball pockets)


Finding a tennis outfit that looks stylish and practical can prove difficult but with the right outfit, you can instantly improve your game, no matter if you are a tennis beginner or a pro.

What should you wear on the tennis court?

As a beginner, try hiring a local tennis court. You can start out with a few key items of activewear essentials you may already have, this could include:

  • Trainers.
  • A short sleeved cotton t-shirt.
  • A skort (a skirt with integrated shorts underneath).
  • Sports socks.
  • A visor or cap (if you play in a sunny location).
  • A tennis wristband or a cotton sleeve (This makes it quick and easy to wipe perspiration from your face and also stops your palms from getting sweaty).

Tennis Etiquette

If you decide to join a club then you may need to follow some stricter rules and regulations around the correct outfit required to 'fit in' with the club members.

For example, bright colors and patterns may not be allowed and you may want to invest in a pair of tennis shoes (depending on the surface you are playing on).

However, if there is a more relaxed approach at your local club, this is a perfect opportunity to show off your own style and add some flair to the court.

Tennis Skorts (Shorts with Skirts)

Be flexible!

Being able to move fast – and stop quickly- on the court is a must when playing tennis. You will want to wear a comfortable, stretchy tennis skort – a skirt with shorts attached underneath.

This will not only help with fast movement but also give you the confidence to do so, without worry of showing any under garments. You can learn more about tennis skorts here: Tennis Skorts: 5 good reasons why they are taking over the world.

When things heat up

Tennis is a great workout and you will find yourself heating up fast.

Choose a skort with moisture wicking fabric and fabric that has SPF protection, to help keep you cool on the court.

Also recommended is a fluffy wristband, to keep perspiration at bay. If you want something more multi-purpose you can also use a sleeve. This doubles up as a sweat-band, hair tie, head scarf or a neck scarf!

Pro Tip: Ball Pockets

A well-made skort will also have integral ball pockets, as this will help keep you in the zone during the game. Searching for a tennis ball wastes valuable time and often leads to a loss of focus.

Although skorts with ball pockets are a specialist item, it is well worth the extra effort in finding one.

Team this up with a cotton tshirt and you are good to go!

Trying New Activities is Fun

Starting off playing tennis can be a daunting experience. As a beginner, having a few key wardrobe essentials can help to take away the nerves and make you feel more confident.

Tennis is a great way to stay fit, work your heart and keep your mind active.

Above all tennis is fun, stress relieving and a great way to socialise with friends and family.

Shop the Look & put some color in your court!

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By Nicky Chrascina