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Tennis Skorts: 5 good reasons why they are taking over the world


Tennis skorts may be trending on Tiktok these days but long before that in the 1800s, skorts were an up and coming fashion item. 

They were also seen as a rather rebellious garment as they freed ladies (without compromising their modesty) to take on sports generally dominated by men.

Racing Cyclist Tillie Anderson on a Bike, 1895, Chicago.

But what is a skort?

Skorts have definitely evolved quite a bit from those early designs, where a pair of bloomers were attached underneath a skirt.

Today, the term refers to a pair of shorts with either a skirt attached or a flap of fabric across the front, or back, to give the appearance of a skirt.

Why do I need one?

Skorts come in a range of styles, from longer length skirts to shorter, mini styles. Skorts can be worn at any age and are brilliant for a wide range of sporting activities.

Here's our top 5 reasons to try a skort this summer:

1) Skorts allow you to move freely without worry.

And when we say worry, who hasn’t been in this situation:

Having shorts underneath the skirt allows you to exercise to your full potential and feel confident. The added skirt gives good coverage and falls beautifully over the bottom, without the tight look of shorts. The best of both worlds!

2) Skorts are great for keeping you comfortable in the summer.

During a hot summer when you need something cooler than leggings but more flattering than shorts, the skort is a go-to wardrobe essential.

Our range of colourful skorts have breathable, moisture wiking, soft, super stretchy fabric. The fabric is high quality, so you won’t bend down and be affected by the dreaded see-through look.

3) Skorts are a flattering shape.

Not only are they lightweight and cool to wear but they also have great coverage. Ours also feature a wide, supportive waistband, without being restrictive, so you can move freely whilst looking stylish.

4) Skorts are practical.

Our skorts with pockets are very popular with our customers. Often, ladies activewear outfits omit pockets, or add in super tiny ones that only hold a key or a few coins.

We have designed ours with the needs of our ladies in mind.

Our skorts with thigh pockets can hold tennis balls, golf balls, an iphone and not forgetting snacks. They also feature a secure zip pocket at the back for essentials like keys and money.

5) You can wear a skort for a wide range of activites.

Skorts are not just for tennis, there are many activities they are great for including; running, golf, hiking, dance, yoga and pilates.

There is even a trend for ‘skorts for Disneyland’. If you have ever been on a fast ride, you will know how easy it is to accidentally bear too much magic to the oncoming ride camera.

'Disneyland' skorts are a great way to stay cool when you are at the theme park or relaxing on the beach. Let's not forget, Mini Mouse wears a skort too!

Try them out and take a look at our huge range of colorful skorts here.

Do you have a skort? Let us know in the comments below why it is your favourite item of activewear.

By Nicky Chrascina