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Totes Inappropes x FLANCI - The Story

Totes Inappropes x FLANCI - The Story



Alison 'Totes Inappropes' Stankard is a fashion blogger, content creator, marathon runner, women's health advocate and overall colour lover! This is why when Alison approached us to create a unique collab' edition of our FLANCI kit, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Alison's value and straight talking attitude is right up our street and we love what she stands for. 

Over the years she has written about many subjects from fashion, women's menopause, living with teens, fitness and running. She's got a huge Facebook community and even a large running group!

So Alison got together with Nicky and Jan Olive to create the ultimate 'runner wanker' kit and we love it! It's bright in colour and personality (obviously) and even includes Alison's running club logo RBR (little clue Run B**** Run). 





By Nicky Chrascina