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Breaking Records ~ Barefoot Running

Breaking Records ~ Barefoot Running


We’ve got some fantastic results to shout about from our amazing Ambassador team.

Guinness World Record

The Happy Runner – Vic Owens – has smashed a Guinness World Record for running the most half marathons totally barefoot, in one month.

Together with The Barefoot Daddy, Ben Weeks, they each ran the 13.1 miles daily throughout March, 31 days, taking them well into record breaking territory.

Raising money for Young Lives vs Cancer, the pair were spurred on by friends, family, and those inspired by their efforts.

On breaking the record, Vic said: “It feels unreal! Initially when we finished I felt quite overwhelmed with emotions and in all honesty a little lost. That night I climbed into my bed and had a message off my mum “night night, my super record breaker,” and I think that’s when it all became quite real. I fell asleep smiling that night."

What is it like to run barefoot?

“The condition of my feet is outstanding. I just ran 400 miles barefoot, and the only complaint is a cut I managed to get whilst balancing to take a selfie! The pads are sore, just like my legs would be if I’d pushed them to do something I’d never done before, but they are amazing! I’m gobsmacked at how much they have visually changed. They are broader, the toe spread is wider and I feel a strength in them I’ve never felt before."

"The charity has been incredible in supporting us. We’ve had personal emails almost every day. Words of encouragement and support. I connect with a few young people they support, and that, for me, will be one of the most memorable things I take from this."

“To be able to help just one young person with cancer, makes this all worthwhile. When we had finished the team made a video for us to show their gratitude. I was taken aback by the appreciation and heartfelt thanks they showed us. I watched it the night we finished, and sobbed through it all. I finished the final day in my Flanci Barefoot Wanderer leggings fitting for a barefoot world record attempt."

“There were some real tough moments during the 31 days, a few days that I really pushed to get through. When those moments came, I focused on the reason I was out there, and it wasn’t for me. It was for all the young people with cancer who needed me to keep moving. In those moments, I stopped running with feet, and I ran with my heart.”

By Nicky Chrascina