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Time Warp! Tips from Today Me for Past Me

Time Warp! Tips from Today Me for Past Me


The beauty of running is that there’s no barrier to entry; in essence, all you need is a pair of shoes and the great outdoors, and you’re sorted. There’s no need for equipment or setup, and there’s no pressure to break any land speed records – as long as you’re out there putting one foot in front of the other, you’re doing it right!

Having been a runner for a few years now, there are a few things that I wish I’d known when I got started that would’ve elevated my enjoyment from the get-go. So, I’ve compiled 10 of my top tips for aspiring runners that I would’ve found useful as a newbie. If you’re new to running or even just thinking about getting started, hopefully, this will help you along your journey!


Trail Trail Running vs. Road Running

Most of my time running is spent out on the trails these days, and I wish I’d found them sooner! The thrill of navigating natural terrain, the sense of adventure, and the connection with the outdoors can't be beaten. Plus, the softer surface is kinder to your joints.


Nutrition Matters

Solid food like marmite sandwiches, crisps, and chocolate bars suit me better than sickly sweet energy drinks and gels. Experiment with different foods to find what fuels your runs best. What works for one person may not work for another.


Walking Is Okay

It's okay to walk during your runs. Don't push yourself to the limit every time. Incorporating walking intervals can improve endurance and reduce the risk of injury, especially on longer runs.


Enjoy the Experience

Not getting hung up on being at the back during an event is crucial. Embrace the atmosphere and enjoy the scenery. What matters most is that you're out there, giving it your all.


Don't Fear Entering Events

Don't be frightened to enter an event because you think you're not good enough. If there's no time limit, the organisers are welcoming us slower runners. Racing can be a fantastic motivator and a great way to meet fellow runners.


Rest Days Are Essential

Rest days are as beneficial as training days. You don't need to run every day, even when training for an event. Rest allows your body to recover and prevents burnout and injuries.


Ultra-Marathons for All

Ultra-marathons aren't just for elite runners. Many slow runners embrace ultra-marathons as a personal challenge. These races often have a welcoming and supportive community, and some of the most leisurely runners I know love an ultra. We refer to them as ‘moving picnics.’


Invest in Good Socks

Decent socks can make a massive difference in your running comfort. Going for a long run? Take a spare pair. Fresh socks can be the difference between blisters or no blisters, especially on those extended adventures.



Don't get too hung up on Strava or Garmin data. If you prefer to keep your running stats private, you can adjust your settings. Focus on running for yourself, not to meet others' expectations.


Discover ParkRun

While ParkRun may not have existed when I started running, I wish it had. ParkRun is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and participate in a 3-mile speed session. The 5k app is super addictive and can make ParkRun even more enjoyable if you're into stats and tracking your progress.

Whether you’re participating in your first ParkRun, tackling the trails, or even embarking on ultra-marathons, hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your running even more! If you’re just getting started, why not share your story?


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By Nicky Chrascina