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Flanci & Me - Adam 'Tango' Holland

Flanci & Me - Adam 'Tango' Holland


How did you discover FLANCI?

It was not I who stumbled upon FLANCI, but rather it was FLANCI that discovered me. It all began on a plane ride to the Loch Ness Marathon, where I had the pleasure of meeting Nicky. At the time, FLANCI had not yet come into existence, but Nicky had a vision for a company that would revolutionise the athletic apparel industry. She expressed her desire to support me if her plans came to fruition, and I was grateful for her kind words. As fate would have it, FLANCI did indeed take off, and I was honoured to be a part of its journey.

What sports do you take part in with FLANCI?

As an athlete, I am no stranger to pushing my physical limits in a variety of ways. While my primary focus is on running events, I have competed in everything from short sprints like the 400 meter dash to incredibly challenging ultra-marathons spanning over 200 miles. However, I am not limited to dry land - I have also taken to the seas to engage in aquatic sports with my fellow athletes. Additionally, I enjoy playing hockey and have tested them for that sport too!

Which is your favourite piece of FLANCI kit?

Has to be my Flame shorts. They're the ones I will pick for my races. I get so many compliments from them, giving me the extra strength to carry on!

How has FLANCI changed your life?

That's a tough question! Wearing colourful attire helps me stand out during races. I receive many compliments, with people saying I'm on fire! The vibrant colours motivate me to keep going and put me in the right mindset. It's like a little boost to make sure I push myself that extra mile. The positive comments and cheers from others also motivated me to make sure I got that extra mile. The comments and cheers are definitely adding to my motivation as well. The one I get most is, "You're on fire!".

What's your favourite thing about FLANCI?

I love how comfortable and stylish they are. Definitely a great piece of kit and a must-have for all my races.

What's your role as an ambassador?

I love motivating others to go out and run. It's great when people ask me about my running gear, as I enjoy answering their questions. I frequently post on social media and wear Flanci at all my races. Additionally, I provide Nicky with some awesome photos that FLANCI can use.

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