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Why We Love Skorts!

Why We Love Skorts!


For 15 years, Nicky has enjoyed running in colourful skorts, but struggled to find options available in the UK.

She explored a company in the USA, but the cost of shipping was prohibitive.

Additionally, the shorts included in the US skorts were too short, which created issues with chafing and the pockets were not adequate in size for carrying essentials such as keys, money, and phones.

As a result, Nicky had the vision to create her own line of fashionable skorts, which led to the creation of Flanci.

Although Flanci also offers leggings and other items, skorts are their primary focus, and we have even trademarked #theskortpeople.


"You get lots of compliments"

We understand that activewear can sometimes feel monotonous, with its limited colour options and gender stereotypes. However, our valued customers have shared that when they wear our skorts while engaging in their favourite sports activities, they are often complimented and asked about their stylish choice. It's always nice to receive positive feedback and spark curiosity in others.


"They make you feel more comfortable and confident"

We get it, tight activewear can sometimes make you feel a bit self-conscious and uncomfortable. That's where our skorts come in - they give you all the benefits of performance activewear without restriction, so you can feel confident and comfortable during all your sporting activities. By using high-quality fabrics, you can enjoy the benefits of standard-performance activewear while staying comfortable.
"They are versatile for other activities"
We've noticed that many of our customers wear skorts for various activities, such as paddle boarding, walking their dogs, or travelling. We particularly enjoy seeing pictures of our gear being used in these fun activities by our customers, which are being shared on our social media platforms.


"They really help not worry about accidents"

Many people love skorts for their ability to discreetly hide bodily issues during a run or race. This is especially important when wearing activewear, which can be unforgiving when it comes to occasional natural accidents. Skorts provide a solution when there isn't much else that can be done.


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